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The following products work in the demo mode without a key file, so some antivirus functions are unavailable. If you are interested in any product and would like to try it in a full-function mode, mail us sales-en@anti-virus.by to get a registration code for the period of 1 month.

You may also purchase the license or take part in the beta-testing of the program.

Home and small business

  Vba32 Workstation  |  Buy Now! Buy Now!
Antivirus protection of local computers running from Windows XP SP3 to Windows 10.

  Vba32 Small Office Security  |  Buy antivirus Buy Now!
VBA Small Office Security - is a great tool to protect small or medium sized computer networks in your enterprise.

Enterprise solutions

 Vba32 Workstation  |  Buy Now! Buy Now!
Vba32 Workstation – reliable real time protection of your workstation, with minimal use of system resources. Detects and neutralizes all known information threats.

  Vba32 Control Center
Allows establishing centralized management and gathering statistics of the Vba32 antivirus functioning at network workstations.

  Vba32 Update Center
Allows to organize a corporate system updates of the entire product line of VirusBlokAda.

  Vba32 Remote Installer
Remote installation or removal of Vba32 antivirus on network computers.

Mail systems protection

  Vba32 for Lotus Domino server
Antivirus protection of the IBM Lotus Domino server.

FREE Utilities

  Vba32 AntiRootkit
Utility to detect and neutralize rootkits.

  Vba32 Check
Set of the tools, capable to assist users in curing of virus infections.

  Vba32 Rescue
Allows user to recover OS operation after malware threat. It is able to cure malwares on user’s computer with maximum effect.
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