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Vba32 Control Center with web-interface is a product which allows establishing centralized management and gathering statistics of the Vba32 antivirus functioning at network workstations.

The product is the basic means to arrange a corporate antivirus protection system for medium and small business as well as for large companies with geographically distributed departments.

Vba32 Control Center is a client-server application consisting of a management part, a database, a web-interface (should be installed at antivirus protection server), and a client part – remote administration agent that is included into the Vba32 antivirus.

Vba32 Control Center functionality provides the following:
managing the Vba32 antivirus at workstations including configuring and selective turning on / off antivirus components
gathering of information on the Vba32 antivirus key events occurred at workstations including detection of malware as well as performing any actions on them; turning on / off antivirus components; update status, etc.
launching antivirus scanning of a workstation by Vba32 Scanner
permanent monitoring as well as reporting of the Vba32 components state at workstations
retrieving information on the latest successful update, latest virus detection, version of the Vba32 antivirus installed at a workstation
viewing statistics of centralized antivirus protection system in the form of reports, tables, charts and diagrams
retrieving additional information on a workstation such as CPU frequency, RAM capacity, logged in user name
retrieving list of processes supplied with full paths to the executables
launching the command line at a workstation
establishing hierarchical system of the Vba32 Control Centers
notifying specialists responsible for computer protection of the events by e-mail, jabber and network messages

Vba32 Control Center features are the following:
web-interface allows managing Vba32 Control Center from any computer in the network
no software should be installed at operator’s workstation – only a web-browser is needed (the program supports the most popular versions)
flexible interface allows using templates as well as themes, changing languages
possibility to create user’s own color scheme for displaying events, own table filters, own tasks
individual configuration of the web-interface for every user
export of the event tables to Microsoft Excel
import / export of user settings to XML-file

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