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Vba32 Update Center allows to organize a corporate system updates of the entire product line of VirusBlokAda (Vba32 antivirus for workstations and servers, server-based products, e-mail filters, etc.).

Vba32 Update Center allows:
organize the update resources in a local network, synchronized continuously with the server of VirusBlokAda in the Internet
support some local resources and ftp-servers for updates at the same time
update Vba32 antivirus for workstations, servers, mail filters
minimize the amount of data obtained from the Internet due to the technology of delta-patching
support two modes of ftp-servers updating
set the data for authorization for each update resource from local resources to ftp-servers
generate delta patches and synchronize them with local directory and update ftp-servers
perform background mode synchronization on the schedule round the clock or only in definitely given time interval
keep detailed report file of the program
perform self-update

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